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Did you know?

Your website is the online "shop window" of your business.  And just like an actual brick and mortar store, the appearance and content of your website either attracts or repels your target audience.

The same can be said about your social media accounts. If people can't immediately tell what you can do for them and why they should follow you, you will struggle to build a fanbase.  

How to tell if you need an Online Presence Audit

If you answer YES to any or all of the following you would benefit from our unique Online Presence Audit.


✔️You’re not sure your website visitors “get” what you do and how you can help them

✔️You don't receive any inquiries from your website visitors

✔️You think you’ve covered all the SEO basics like keyword optimization but your blog is a ghost town

✔️You have less than 100 visitors a day to your website

✔️You have less than 100 subscribers

✔️You’re not sure you’re reaching your target audience on your chosen social media channels

✔️You’ve been winging it on social media and don’t have a content plan

✔️You have no post likes or very little engagement

✔️You don’t know what to look for in your social media analytics

What does an Online Presence Audit include?

A detailed assessment of your website from your client and Google's perspective:

  • Copy

  • Design

  • Usability

  • Responsiveness

  • Functionality

  • Navigation

  • Check out/carts

  • Social Signals


A detailed assessment of your social media:

  • Bios/Profiles

  • Analytics

  • Content strategy



Actionable suggestions on how to:

  • Increase visibility

  • Increase your authority and credibility

  • Reach your target audience


How much does this cost?


Price for solopreneurs (coaches, consultants, writers) starts at $650 and is determined by the number of website pages and social media channels. 

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